Mory Diané, Cleyx's Founder & CEO

Let us introduce you to our founder Mory Diané who invented the patent-pending Rover. Mory founded and runs Cleyx LLC., as a minority-owned small green business focused on innovation and sustainability. Let him tell you more about:

“I was born and raised in West Africa, in a small French speaking country called the Ivory Coast. I moved to the US back in 2000 when I was still a teenager. In college I studied civil engineering and also obtained an MBA. In school I somehow found time to train in MMA and eventually focused on boxing. I was fortunate to win the boxing nationals and after graduating I went on to compete in other non-collegiate tournaments like the Golden Gloves.

What boxing taught me is that it is not always about who throws the hardest punches, the most important in a match is often your strategy, studying your opponent, keeping your reactions sharp, anticipating, and adapting; most of all learning from the fight during and after. Boxing is called the sweet science for these strategic elements which coincidentally are necessary in businesses that want to remain nimble and successful. Today I am fighting to win, not for myself, but for humankind and our future generations.”

“For the past 17 years I worked full time in the power industry. Interestingly, I worked on the design, construction, and operation of nuclear power plants. It is pretty wild considering the very unique refillable skincare device I am working on today. However, the emphasis of my work has always been on sustainability. Basically, I helped utilities and communities become greener through the adoption of the source of energy that is now touted as one of the most effective ways to fight carbon emissions.

That’s right, nuclear power produces energy 24/7 and generates little to no carbon emissions. So, over those years, I worked on innovative power plant designs while prioritizing sustainability, effectiveness, efficiency and most of all, safety. These are the same qualities and rigor that I am now working on bringing to the beauty and personal hygiene industry with our very unique Rover, to put a stop to plastic pollution in this industry once and for all.”

“I saw the power industry take very active steps to move away from fossil fuels and adopt greener sources of energy and wondered if a similar turnaround could be implemented in other industries. We all rely on personal hygiene, skincare, and body care products to stay clean, healthy, beautiful, and to boost our self-esteem and confidence. These aspects of our daily routine are important, but should we partake in them at the expense of the planet? Our planet is still full of life, and that is so worth saving.

In looking for solutions in the personal hygiene industry, I realized how slow it had been to transition to sustainable packaging. I wanted to use my engineering skills to help so I designed a roll-on dispenser, that is refillable, biodegradable, compostable, and such that it can accept different skincare like creams, balms, sticks, powders, oils, lotions, etc. I also threw in a massage feature for lymphatic drainage. I named the device Rover, well, because it rolls…”