Rover – Accelerate The Transition To A Reuse Economy

Ending plastic waste will not be an easy affair but our Rover device will definitely help. However, as wholesome as the device is, it can’t become mainstream without each and everyone’s help and support, in committing to make a positive/long-lasting change, developing new beneficial habits, and saying no to single-use plastics. This also extends to the establishment of government policies that need to see the light to help society end the current plastic pollution crisis that plagues the entire globe as discussed in the article below.

The article rightfully paints the reuse movement as one key to this solution. Cleyx believes that to create a better, more environmentally-friendly future we have no choice but to reuse. But for this to be practical the packaging and containers offered to consumers need to be designed with this theme in mind. They need to transcend the niche market and should be designed with the utmost empathy for the end user! To that aim, Cleyx conceived the Rover following key “design-thinking” principles which put the customer at the center of the entire process.

In the end, we created a refillable roll-on for various types and consistency of body-care products (creams, deodorants, lotions, oils, gels, powders, sticks, etc.) so Rover can play the role of a one-stop shop in the hands of our dear customers. Finally, Rover is made with long-term use in mind, but if it ever has to be disposed of, Rover is recyclable and best of all backed by a lifetime warranty because we pledge to hold our customer’s hand throughout their entire experience with our product.


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