RoverTM is for those who deeply care for their bodies and the environment. Rover is patent-pending, stylish, refillable, and multipurpose. Rover is the most unique semi-automatic roll-on, truly unlike other personal hygiene dispensers on the market. With Rover and its biodegradable cartridge rfills, you too can refill and reuse with ease to make plastic waste a thing of the past.

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Does this Rover really roll?

It sure does, but not like the Curiosity Rover. Our Rover is a patent-pending, stylish, refillable, multipurpose semi-automatic roll-on unlike other personal hygiene applicators on the market. Guess what, Rover can be used with creams, lotions, oils, gels, sticks, and powders, and as a bonus we have integrated a massage feature to leave you feeling fresh after every use. Rover has few more tricks up its sleeves:

  • Simple + intuitive mechanism + ergonomic
  • Your refillable and reusable one-stop shop
  • Your long-term and highly modular companion
  • Rover has a stylish stand, go Uno or Duo
  • No annoying twist action, simply roll it on
  • With the push of a button stop the roller to massage
  • Or stop the roller to lather and avoid wasting the media
  • DIYers, we got you, Rover has a detachable spoon
  • By the way, Rover is TSA friendly, fly with class
  • And, Rover is washing-machine and dishwasher safe

And who gets to drive?

Well, Rover is for the eco-friendly at heart. Our customers want high-quality and sustainable personal hygiene products without harming the environment. Consumers are increasingly concerned with the eco-friendliness of dispensers/applicators such as those used for personal care products. Unfortunately, the industry utilizes a lot of single-use and non-recyclable containers, while current refillable devices lack versatility and focus on deodorant sticks.

So, we have made Rover reusable and virtually media agnostic to offer the most flexibility to users. With Rover, manufacturers and retailers will be able to shift to a standardized form factor for their applicators and media, reduce their overhead cost and tap into a wholesome segment of the market focused on the preservation of the planet. Consumers including DIYers who make their own cosmetics, will be able to purchase one or more applicators based on their needs and a variety of pre-packaged media refills that will seamlessly fit into their Rover applicator.

I am all over Rover, please tell me more!

Rover is recyclable, and covered under a limited lifetime warranty, Just fill out an RMA form for return instructions so we can send you a new Rover, no questions asked! Check out our Terms of Use for more details.

Rover comes with a permanent but recyclable cartridge that can be manually refilled. However, Rover also has refills available for purchase. We offer a variety of personal hygiene refill products via our partners that will soon be added here. Those refill cartridges are made from materials such as paperboard, so they are fully biodegradable, biogenic and compostable.

Rover Gallery

Our Products

Rover Svelte

The Svelte line offers a larger Rover unit for your more masculine hands.

Rover Slimfit

The Slimfit line offers a smaller Rover unit for your more delicate hands.

Rover Stand Duo

The Duo stand offers a dual or “his & her” solution for your Rovers.

Rover Stand Uno

The Uno stands offers a pick out of two styles for your single Rovers.

Rover Key Parts

The Cup

The main refillable container for your skincare products.

The Sleeve

This refillable cartridge pairs nicely with thicker products.

The Roller

A roll-on and cover which sit on top of the sleeve and cup.

Assembled Rover

Assembles quickly for your refillable body-care needs.

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We are here to serve you; gone are the days of mad scientists thinking they know what is best for society; we want to hear from you!


Interested in beta testing Rover, reach out to us at info@cleyx.com for more information. Please inquire about our testing program.

No, only when semi-solid cream and sticks are used.

When cartridges are not used, the roller must face downward during
application to allow the media inside to freely flow to the roller. When a cartridge is used, the internal system allows the media within the cartridge to automatically push against the roller so the roller need not face downward.

Rover does not work well with liquids that have very low viscosity and media with the consistency of froth or whipped cream that won’t flow  with gravity. For pure liquids like cologne, a version of Rover will be released to ensure the device does not leak during application.

It is preferable to use Rover on parts of the body that are already dry, so water and dead skin are not trapped within the device.

Rover is very easy to open, simply undo the side latches at the top and pull the roller apparatus off to inspect the inside. Also, when cream or sticks are used and ready to be replaced, the roller will roll with very little friction letting you know that it is time for a refill.


Some media when they are nearly exhausted flatten into a packed layer which is harder to apply. You can use the provided scoop to stir this remainder so the roller can grab onto the media again. You can also use the spoon to transfer this remainder to a new cartridge or mix it in to the new media you are adding if it is a DIY job.

Yes, Rover was confirmed as TSA friendly during our travel tests. TSA however advised that when the cartridge system is used, it is preferable to take Rover out of your bag. This is because TSA is unfamiliar with the device and naturally curious about its internal system. Once the device is mainstream, this will no longer be needed.

Simply hold the sides or base of the stand and pull your Rover upward.

There are two sizes to fits different spectrum of hand sizes. The Slimfit , has a feminine design while the Svelte is more masculine.

Yes, Rover is for all age groups. In the future additional Rover designs will be released with branding specific to children so parents can buy them for the entire household. For now, the Slimfit is the best option for smaller hands.

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