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Rules & Instructions

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Please review the Terms and Privacy Policy before use of this forum as well as the rules below. 

Also, please be aware that users are required to follow the administrator's instructions. The guidelines below are not all-encompassing as that is impossible. Therefore, when needed, the administrator will make requests for users to change behavior that is borderline violations, in order to steer them in the right direction.

Please follow our rules to keep this forum a safe and enjoyable place for all:

  1. Violation of any of the rules can lead to a banning of the user and deletion of their account. The consequences will be determined by the administrator on a case-by-case basis.
  2. When posting you agree that the administrator of this forum has the right to modify, delete, edit, or close any topic, signature, account, or profile data at any time that they see fit.
  3. Therefore, do not disregard or ignore direct communication from the administrator.
  4. All information and instructions given in this forum are to be used at your own risk. By following or using any of this information you give up the right to hold anyone liable for any damages.
  5. In that vain, don't seek legal advice or threaten lawsuits or any other legal action on the forum.
  6. Posts request for product design or redesign do not constitute a contract with Cleyx LLC or its affiliates. Such posts should be kept general so as to not constitute a sharing of intellectual property.
  7. Any information provided in this forum enters the public domain; therefore do not share information that is meant to be proprietary, confidential, trade secret, etc.
  8. Keep the forum friendly; be courteous and respectful and please refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech. This includes not posting in all caps.
  9. Appreciate that others may have an opinion different from yours.
  10. We reserve the right to remove posts and threads to ensure that the material posted is not potentially harmful. Thus, we may edit or choose not to publish any post, that:
    • a. contains disrespectful or derogatory remarks about any person
    • b. contains advice or content that we believe is damaging, unhelpful, or distressing to others
    • c. contains swearing or offensive language, is nonsensical and/or irrelevant
    • d. promotes personal beliefs in a way that is disrespectful of the choices of others
    • e. is racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit or suggestive, abusive or otherwise discriminatory or objectionable
  11. The forum is categorized by topics.  Please start your threads and post your questions or messages under the appropriate topic.
  12. If a topic is posted in a forum that is not appropriate for the question, we reserve the right to move that topic to another better-suited topic.
  13. When creating a new discussion thread, give a clear topic title and again put your post in the appropriate topic category.
  14. If the forum has its search feature activated, please use it to search topics and threads before starting a new thread, so as to avoid unnecessary duplication.
  15. When contributing to an existing discussion, stay on topic. If something new comes up within a topic that you would like to discuss, start a new thread.
  16. Don't hold back in sharing your knowledge; it is likely someone will find it useful or interesting, but when you give information, check your facts and provide your sources.
  17. Don't post your or another another person’s private information (job, gender, living situation, location, etc.), and don't t ask for any kind of private access from other users
  18. Any impersonation of a user from these forums, in any mode of communication, is strictly prohibited and will result in a banning.
  19. No links are permitted to websites offering pirate/cracked/illegal or illicit information and anyone found to have posted such a link will result in a banning.
  20. Copyright material must not be posted unless it is owned either by you or by this website.
  21. Promotional material and advertisements, of any sort, are not permitted. This includes member names and links to commercial sites in Signatures, or in posts.
  22. You also may not solicit sales through the use of promotions or coupon codes. If you would like to advertise on our site, please contact us at the address below.
  23. To reiterate, spamming the forum is not allowed. For example, posting links in order to generate affiliate commissions is not permitted and may result in banning.
  24. Members may have only one account and member's display names cannot be email addresses. This rule is in place to protect you from spam bots who will pick up your email address and spam you.
  25. Linked and locked topics are pruned regularly to reduce page clutter. If you have a question about where your topic went, please email us at the address below.
  26. If you have any questions related to the forum administration; if a post is inappropriate or simply needs the administrator’s attention, please contact us at info@cleyx.com


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